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Searching for the truth...

Current obsessions, RL, non-excessive fangirling, film/book reviews, other random stuff I find on the interwebs, and occasionally politics feature in this journal. I'm studying English Literature, History, and Spanish at Sheffield University. I like to think I'm a pretty varied person, and I love making friends, so feel free to friend me.


Thanks goes to Agent0fChaos for the Joker bar! :D

acting, alan moore, amaral, amateur dramatics, american psycho, antarctica, arkham asylum, bach, batman, batman the animated series, bill bailey, bill moseley, black books, black humour, blackadder, bleak house, books, californication, cheese, christian bale, cornbugs, costume dramas, dan gillespie sells, dana scully, david duchovny, david tennant, death cab for cutie, dylan moran, english literature, fbi's most unwanted, films, foo fighters, fox mulder, fred astaire, fry & laurie, gillian anderson, gladiator, green wing, hank moody, hans zimmer, harley quinn, harry potter, history, hurt/comfort, indie rock/pop, james newton howard, jane austen, jarabe de palo, johnny depp, joker, joker/harley quinn, juanes, laughing, libraries, literary criticism, literature, ludovico einaudi, lulz, maná, marmite, maximilien robespierre, media, monty python, movies, mozart, mulder/scully, music, musty ancient books, my friends, never mind the buzzcocks, nirvana, novels, ogre, ohgr, oscar wilde, patrick bateman, paulina rubio, pavi largo, pendulum, percy bysshe shelley, phantom of the opera, poetry, politics, pride and prejudice, ralph fiennes, reading, repo! the genetic opera, rock, rome, rorschach, shakespeare, show of hands, sir ernest shackleton, skinny puppy, spain, spanish, spanish music, star trek, star wars, stephen fry, sunny days, sweeney todd, the cure, the dark knight, the feeling, the french revolution, the lion king, the lone gunmen, the village, the x files, the x-files, theatre, ufos, watchmen, william shakespeare, writing, x-files, x-philes