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Fun times

I feel really bad because I've totalled ignored LJ recently. I've been incredibly busy; everything's go go go all the time. It's great though, I'm enjoying myself so much, although there was a brief hiccup during when I was ill that I just wanted to step back from it all and go back home for a bit. It's ridiculous when I think about it now because I know don't want to be anywhere other than Sheffield. :D

This week, I've been doing something every evening.
Monday: Spanish social at Vodka Revolution and Embrace. Was all right but I prefer to chill out with friends than do the whole 'srs clubbing scene.'
Tuesday: Went to see The Pitmen Painters at the Lyceum with some friends, for part of our English Lit course. So much more entertaining than I expected it to be; it was brilliant. That, and the fact I got to sit really close to someone I quite like right now. ;) Yeah, I'm pathetic.
Wednesday: Attempted to get on Sheffield's team for University Challenge. LOL. I knew nothing would come of it but it was so much fun. I got 13/50 on the Arts and Literature round, which was, I hasten to point out, two points better than the third year sitting next to me! Still lolworthy though. Maybe I'll know more next year.
Thursday: 5th November - a few of us went to see the Fireworks at Don Valley Stadium. They were lovely but could have gone on longer, I though. Watched my friends go on the fairground rides, which was amusing, because Matt was screaming like a girl. XD
Friday: Played badminton with a group of my friends. I'm going again next week as well, but I need to buy my own racket. God my muscles ache now though.

It's been more socialising than work this week, but I feel okay about it because last weekend I was working solidly to submit a book review on George Rudé's The French Revolution. Got my mark back for my first ever English assignment and I received 68, which is a high 2.1, so I was pleased with that.

I know I need to catch up with all of you - I'm such a bad LJ friend. But please please feel free to comment here and let me know what you've been up to; I'd love to hear from you. :)

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Ok, that's actually scarily accurate. O__o

Back home

Hi guys, I'm back. Had a good time meeting up with people in Cambs (and especially fangirling over loads of random stuff with Ruby). The weather was nice all the time I was there as well. It's horrible here. >___< The only thing that was irritating was Ruby's builders, who, every day, woke us up ridiculously early with their banging and crashing, so I feel like I haven't slept for three weeks! XD Oh I also got my ear pierced, which I've been wanting to do for ages, so that was cool. I got it done twice. XD

Met up with a friend I've known since playgroup but hadn't seen for 5 years, which was lovely. We just sat and talked for aaaages over lunch, then went around various bookshops. We had so much to catch up on. We also went around the Fitzwilliam Museum and saw the Darwin exhibition. I saw my sister too, but it was a bit of a flying visit as she's very busy atm. However she and Terry are coming to stay with us in Cornwall for a few days before I go to university, so that'll be nice.

Ok this was a really brief entry but I'm tired and need to do some other things. XD Hope you're all well though; I'll try and catch up with your journals at some point!
Right, I'm off to France tomorrow (have to get up at 6am, ugh) so I thought I'd just say goodbye to you all before I go! I'm a bit panicked with packing; I don't think I have enough clothes, whereas Mum is trying to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Plus our case is broken, so I hope things aren't going to go whizzing around the hold. >__>  But apart from that everything's set to go.

I'll speak to you all in a week! <3

EDIT: I've just noticed that I'm going to France on 10th Thermidor. O.o Spooky ...


Had a great week with Ruby; unfortunately it went far too quickly. I'm just crossing my fingers that she gets into Sheffield so we can spend even more epic tiems together!

Mostly we just talked about looooads of things, which was lovely, and we also watched a whole shitload of stuff, such as:
- American Psycho
- Bound
- In Bruges
- Blazing Saddles
- The X Files
- Black Books

We also went to the cinema to see Star Trek; we had wine and pizza beforehand which was not ideal, as I was extremely giggly for the first 10 minutes of the film, you know, the serious part. >__< Annnnnd one film deserves a special mention, because I am now hooked on it: Ruby made me watch Repo! The Genetic Opera, and yes, it's-a good! I didn't like it the first time I watched it, but we started talking about it from a humorous point of view, and so that made me want to see it again, so we did, and the rest is history. The music seemed very 'meh' to begin with, but when I got to know it better I found it very far from that. It's rocky and catchy. And some of the characters are hilarious. We started planning a crack fic, so that'll give me something to do!

Ruby and I also had drunken fun tiems. We basically danced around my room all evening to Lonely Island songs (how random is that?) which were cranked up at high volume. Why is it that things seem really quiet when you're drunk?

So yeah, we had fun. I didn't want her to go home. :'(

In other news I have an interview for a summer job at Boots in two weeks. Woot.
I can't believe I'm 19! That year has gone very quickly.

To say it's my birthday, it's been extremely anti-cllimactic. I only got a few cards, and one present. My other present was an iPod from mum and dad, but that came a few days ago. It's awesome though; I've had fun messing around with iTunes. It's 120gbs as well, so I don't think I'll need an upgrade for a while. ;)

We didn't go anywhere today; the weather up until about an hour ago has been drizzly. The only thing I'm doing is another performance of our community play, which is receiving a lot of lovely reviews, and all of our audiences so far seem to love it, although in different ways. I'm having quite a bit of fun and all the people taking part are really nice and welcoming. Apparently the male chorus is going to sing me Happy Birthday tonight, which should be interesting seeing as they can't carry a note. xD

Tomorrow roobes83 is coming to visit for a week, and it'll be EPIC because we haven't seen each other in about four months, so I expect drunken antics and general craziness will ensue. Not to mention tons of film-watching! She'll be staying here for a week so I won't be on LJ much. Speak soon guys!

Time moves so slowly...

Reading Great Expectations at the mo, which is excellent (I adore Dickens' characterisation - but then, who doesn't?), and I've also got Bleak House on my list, so I'm going through a real Dickens phase. I'm probably also going to end up watching the 2004 TV adaptation of Bleak House for like, the tenth time since I got it. I'm really trying to get a move on with University reading. Sheffield hasn't specified a set list but I'd like to get some more classics under my belt; novels like The Picture of Dorian Gray and Vanity Fair are on my list, as well as Animal Farm. I also bought a book entitled An Introduction to Literary Criticism and Theory recently, and it looks verreh sexeh so I'm looking forward to scrutinising that more closely. I'm sadly neglecting any History research right now, but I just don't have the effort to plunge into Eric Hobsbawm's On History.

The community play is going okay; I was rehearsing both Saturday and Sunday, and the latter day we spent at the outdoor theatre where we'll be performing. That was fun, as I helped out with the directing and we blocked all of act one. However we didn't do act two, and I don't think anyone knows what we're doing for that, which is bad because we're performing in less than two weeks. :o Also the band couldn't be there because there's a stupid law about having to be licensed if you want to play in a public place on a Sunday. Silly, outdated law.

I saw some really nice shoes today in Liskeard, but I'm going to buy them next month because I've already run over this month's budget. I don't know how that happened. Well I do. I went to the cinema and bought two more series of The X Files. But in my defence I also paid Mum the money I owed her and bought some books for uni.

What is it with The X Files that you have to watch more than one episode a day? So addictive! I'm on Series 5 now and it's taken all of a couple of months to get this far. I watched Chinga last night - it was bloody and grim and pretty cool, having been written by Stephen King. And awww, Mulder with his pencils. That man is adorable. I'm adamant that I won't buy the next series until next month though. Need to save money, especially because Ruby's coming to visit and we shall need money to buy alcohol.

Mum and I are going to Kent tomorrow to visit relatives over the weekend for Mother's Day. Hopefully the weather will be just as nice as it has been recently! We're leaving early tomorrow morning and won't be back until Monday, so have a nice weekend and I'll see you all soon!


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Day has been spent battling with online forms; one for student finance support, the other for Sheffield accommodation. The former took about 40 mins and required me to sift through important documents from bank, etc etc, which was a bit stressful; the latter didn't even bloody work, but it only told me it had a system failure after I'd submitted all my details. Grr. Now I have to do it all over again tomorrow, when hopefully it will agree that my UCAS details ARE correct. Why the hell would it let me log in the first time, but not the second?

In other news, there's a helluva lot of Watchmen merch I really want, but the tricky thing would be smuggling it past my dad when it came through the post. >__> And wow, there is some cool stuff already for the new Terminator film, which I cannot wait to go and see (although it would require me to watch the first three!).

Talking of films, here is a short film made by ecossefilmmaker , which I understand is being entered in a few festivals this year. It's a film noir, and it's very good. It'd be great if you could check it out, and comment saying what you thought!