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1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search or other search functions. NO CHEATING.

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I'm off!

Leaving for the airport at 4pm for Dublin so I thought I'd say goodbye before I go! Packing, as always, is horrendous and I'm already panicking about catching the correct flight blah blah.

Have a nice week and I'll speak to you all on Friday. I'll bring back some leprechauns. ;)

I feel I need to update because I haven't done so in ages. Just to let you know I haven't gone to live underground, okay? Although it would probably be warmer down there. D:

Ummm...I haven't been doing too much important RL stuff; I've just started packing for Dublin (I leave on Sunday until next Friday) and I've mainly been trying to ignore all the building work going on in our living room, which is right next to my bedroom. It's been so unbelievably noisy but thankfully it's done now, and we have a proper fireplace with a woodburner and a somewhat solid floor foundation.

I've been doing quite a bit of Spanish; working out grammar stuff and watching TV dubbed into Spanish. It all helps. Yesterday we had a listening test and I'm pretty sure I got all of the questions right, so I was pleased with that.

Re: fandom stuff: Is anyone else getting really excited about Watchmen? Holy crap I absolutely cannot wait for that movie. Rorschach looks and sounds fantastic - he's the right height, he's perfected the character's stance down to a T, and his mask with the moving inkblots is just sheer genius. His voice is just the way I imagined it, although it is slightly Batman-ish. I'd have to see the film to really make my mind up though. The whole style of it looks awesome. If you haven't already seen it, here's the second trailer:

For some reason I'm going through a Christian Bale phase at the moment (I tend to have phases with actors; no idea why) so over the past few days I've watched American Psycho (totally brilliant), The Prestige, and Batman Begins (seen that before but it is simply superb). I'm making my parents watch The Prestige tonight.

On another note, I watched Brazil yesterday. Very, very weird, and now whenever I hear that song I will be reminded of those scary masks or Jonathan Pryce flying through the air with phoenix wings. It was good though - apart from depicting a country full of bureaucracy, the whole satirical comment on plastic surgery was horrifying and funny at the same time. But I did think it had sort of been done before - for me it seemed like 1984 meets Blade Runner. Michael Palin works scarily well as a torturer though. Hehe.

I'm off!

Still haven't properly packed, but oh well. It'll get done at a rush in the morning. I'm panicking about various things, including navigating the Underground on my own and buying tickets etc, as well as whether the roads will be icy tomorrow. D: The good thing is I completed two job application forms today and only have one bit to fill in for the WH Smith one, which can wait until I get back.

Right. Panic then sleep.

Speak to you all on Sunday!


Welcome to the White House, Mr President

What a fantastic inaugural speech. Straight to the point, truthful, inspiring, and ... gah, just amazing. :D

I'm sure all you Americans out there are feeling so proud right now.

(Full transcript of the speech can be found here: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Inauguration/Story?id=6689022&page=1)



I GOT INTO SHEFFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just a quick one

I still have about a million and one things to do before I go to bed. Why am I on the internet then? Good question. Well for one thing I am sorting out my camera software; I have also been beta-ing fic (and trying to post mine. Titles are the most difficult things to come up with).

I've mostly packed but there are still things scattered everywhere and I don't have enough space in my bag for everything I should be taking. I really don't know what to do about bringing all the stuff back from Gemma's. I'll figure that out when I get there, I suppose.

I was panicking and in tears last night because I started to feel very ill; shivering and aching and getting headaches, and I thought that I might not even be able to go tomorrow. D: I didn't go to Spanish today because I felt like shit. I'm still not perfect, but I'm dosing myself up and just hoping that I'll be able to get through the coach journey without too much grief. Argh. Seriously, why now???

Anyway, I'm off now, and I hope you all have a great three weeks! I know I will! :D I probably will be posting at some points but it will be very infrequently. TTFN!


Being ill + Packing = Ugh

We've all gone down with something. Not sure what, but it's all Dad's fault as he's the one that's infected Mum and me. Luckily so far I only have a sore throat but I'm beginning to feel a bit headachy and nauseous. I really hope I'm not ill for my eight hour long coach trip on Friday, otherwise it'll be a shitty ride. I seriously don't want to be as ill as Dad - he's been in bed all day and looks like death. D:

Packing is a Devil sent demon from Hell. I'm supposed to be travelling light but once you've put all your necessaries together, and decided on clothes and shoes, and packed your toiletries bag etc etc, you realise that actually, it's IMPOSSIBLE to travel light. If I was male I'm sure I'd manage with more ease, but I'm not. Also, Gemma still has a load of stuff to give me that I left at her house before I moved down here, so I have to find space for that somewhere, and on top of that I have Xmas presents to transport up and down. This is not easy, folks.

Bleaugh. Guess I'd better go and take some paracetamol.



I sent my UCAS off yesterday. *feels really nervous and bites fingernails* Mrs K ACTUALLY FINALLY replied to my calls and emails and sent me an email saying that everything looked good, I just needed to make my statement slightly shorter. So I did this, but I couldn't make it concise enough to put line spaces in between each paragraph so now I'm paranoid that the Universities will instantly reject me because of my bad formatting (especially as I'm applying for an ENGLISH and History degree :S). But it's not my fault! How are you supposed to express yourself in 47 lines? I'm sure that the unis know how difficult it is and hopefully they will ignore this. *fingers crossed* But I'm also scared that I've left something vital out, or done something stupid, and I know I'll be worrying about it basically until I get any offers.

I went to the Doctor's about my headaches yesterday - they're tension headaches and it's a lot to do with stress and posture and lack of exercise. It's normal for them to last for days, but she said I mustn't keep relying on painkillers because your body gets used to them and then if you don't take them for a couple of days you actually get a withdrawal headache. But anyway, it's good to know it's nothing serious. I just guess I have to put up with them and try exercising more etc.

I struggled a bit in Spanish today. For some reason my brain couldn't get its head around saying 'What time does the bank open' and other time-related things. I managed fine with giving and asking directions though, and the listening exercises were good. It's just down to practise I suppose!

I'm suffering from Batman withdrawal; I haven't read a graphic novel since Hush and I might just cave in and buy the second vol. I wasn't too impressed with its storyline and there are a couple of characters in it I'm not too familiar with, but the art is lovely and it is quite intriguing. I don't really want to have to sit in front of my laptop and read all the things I've downloaded; although I am partway through the first vol of No Man's Land and The Joker's Last Laugh (this is weird! Who's the Azrael guy and why isn't Mistah J trying to do something far more inventive with his last few months?) so I might just finish those off before I go off on my travels.

I leave for Cambridge a week tomorrow! :D :D