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Back home

Hi guys, I'm back. Had a good time meeting up with people in Cambs (and especially fangirling over loads of random stuff with Ruby). The weather was nice all the time I was there as well. It's horrible here. >___< The only thing that was irritating was Ruby's builders, who, every day, woke us up ridiculously early with their banging and crashing, so I feel like I haven't slept for three weeks! XD Oh I also got my ear pierced, which I've been wanting to do for ages, so that was cool. I got it done twice. XD

Met up with a friend I've known since playgroup but hadn't seen for 5 years, which was lovely. We just sat and talked for aaaages over lunch, then went around various bookshops. We had so much to catch up on. We also went around the Fitzwilliam Museum and saw the Darwin exhibition. I saw my sister too, but it was a bit of a flying visit as she's very busy atm. However she and Terry are coming to stay with us in Cornwall for a few days before I go to university, so that'll be nice.

Ok this was a really brief entry but I'm tired and need to do some other things. XD Hope you're all well though; I'll try and catch up with your journals at some point!